The Ex-Christian: Broken by the Church?

A profile of the Ex-Christian

Think carefully. How many times have you heard from someone that they used to be a Christian, but they no longer are? How many times have you heard them say they used to believe in Jesus Christ as their only hope of salvation, but now say they no longer believe that? Or that they wish they could believe it but they just can't?

This year on Radical Grace Radio, we're taking on the toughest of cases: Those broken by the church. They no longer believe, and many times they are either very sad about it or angry! Take, for instance, all the atheists out there who used to evangelicals, but now say that the Christian religion is evil!

Stick with us this year as we take on this important topic.

To listen to the show you can click on the play button or right click on "get mp3" and choose "save target as" to save to your computer.

The Ex-Christian: Broken by the Church?


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