RGR: The New Atheists: Broken by the church?

On Today's show we're continuing the theme of "Broken by the church" by talking about today's so Called "new atheists". The profile is simple. Many of them are outcasts from the church at large, and not church body or denomination is exempt from being the culprits here. We've done this. We created the situation where all these people have given up on the church and many times on Christ himself.

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Dinu said...

Hi There

I have been listening to most of your podcasts for the last few months, including the most recent one where you were talking about Victorious Living.

My first thought is that Christians should aim towards humble living - our final victory is won by Jesus, and we have no merits.

In case we can say there is such thing as victorious living, in my oppinion this would mean truly living in God's peace - something we were reminded often, but most of the time we are subjected to mundane daily worries.

Having said that, I would like to express my appreciation in what you do and encourage you in your ministry that reaches very far...

Dinu, Melbourne, Australia


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