We're All Prodigals in this Crazy World

Part of my personal re-evaluation includes trying to discover both the lies in the world around me and the lies that I tell myself about the world around me. Lately, the world around me seems nuts, but I can also imagine that people who read Jesus' parables think that he was nuts as well. One such parable doesn't seem that strange when you realize that the Prodigal Son (Luke 15) came to a realization about the world around him. I can imagine that he also realized he'd been lying to himself as well. That's the collusion of our sinful nature and the world. They both lie to us. In this edition of Radical Grace Radio, the Prodigal Son.



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Wyldeirishman said...

Admittedly, I tend not to be big on the whole concept of self-evaluation (re or otherwise),owing mainly to the fact that it becomes an exercise in either self-justification or despair. Not sure which is worse between those two, so I'll call it a photo-finish...taken with a Polaroid.

And the more we fail to see ourselves as not only the prodigal son in this story, but the older brother as well, the more this will continue. We not only continue to do the very things we despise, but we lend credence to those who do likewise.

Nothing short of Christ remains the remedy. :)

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