If the Son Sets You Free...

David Platt tells Christians to give God a Blank Check, ISIS deals in Black Market Organs, Lecrae gets hassled by the Police, and what does it mean when the Son Sets you free. On this week's Radical Grace Radio


Sister Lois said...

Hve not heard the second half of the show. Paradigm shifters part 2 is what I wanted to hear. Not a fan of the first half and the rants. Everyone is entitled to speak their mind, of course. When I speak with someone who is complaining about another person, I do not make assumptions, or impressions, about that person based on what was said. I talk with the complaining person about what they are thinking and feeling, but hold my impressions about the other person until I find out for myself. I am not saying that the Texas police could not have done this nor am I assuming they did, just on this hearsay. People embellish stories, yes, and people lie about things, too. People even complain about getting tickets when they know they were not following the laws. IU realize also that this was recorded before some terrible occurences of violence in the name of this movement. Stopping people from Christmas shopping is just wrong, blocking major roads is against the law. Get a permit, stand or walk in a specific area, hold signs and shout is you want, but don't lay down in the malls all across the country. I have now excercised my right of opinion as well.

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